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Who We Are
For patients, Medicwell is a free service covering general medical care, mental health services, and coronavirus care. You can book a telehealth appointment with a doctor, or speak with a therapist in a video call. Institutions use Medicwell to book healthcare-related services for their constituents. To create it, we took the compassionate competence of seasoned medical providers, and mental health therapists, and connected it to our expertise in engineering, design, and marketing.
The pain of the millions of lives lost to the coronavirus pandemic hits home for us: early on in the pandemic, two of our community members contracted coronavirus infections, and we lost them to COVID-19 complications.
As we endured their tragic passing, we realized that the coronavirus pandemic wasn’t an abstract threat, but an all-too-real danger. In addition two of our own team members in California contracted the coronavirus and were quarantined for months. We no longer understood coronavirus as a political crisis, but as a personal one that affected families, friends, and loved ones— just like ours all over the globe.
It was out of this somber understanding that our developer community teamed up to create National Coronavirus Hotline (NCH).
We have now changed from NCH to Medicwell. Medicwell is a community project based in San Francisco and our formal legal entity name is Pandemics Project Inc. The Medicwell community project is led by the team behindLiveEdu Inc.
Our mission

Automate and simplify the mass delivery of healthcare services.

Medicwell is automating and simplifying the mass delivery of healthcare services. With a click of a button governments, foundations and for-profit companies can launch campaigns to deliver healthcare services to a large number of people and track the performance in real-time. Healthcare campaigns on Medicwell can be targeted by zip code, city, county, or state. Our mission is to make it easy for cities, states, counties, the federal government, foundations, and for-profit companies to deliver health care services to big populations of people.

We started off with California as our first test market, but now we are in New York, New Jersey, Texas, Michigan, Illinois, Florida, and Arizona.

Our Goals

Automate and simplify the mass delivery of healthcare services.

Empower cities, counties, states, and the federal government to deliver healthcare services with a click of a button.

Empower foundations and for-profit companies to deliver healthcare services with a click of a button.

Empower institutions to customize their healthcare campaigns based on their program goals.

Things we believe about the right Health care
Coronavirus care
Because Coronavirus is so easily spread, telehealth has become a preferred way for many people to visit with a doctor. With Medicwell's telehealth services, our easy-to-use video visits allow you to talk with your doctor for a one-on-one 15-minutes appointment.
Medicwell General Medical Care
The enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being without distinction. Connect with Medicwell for a new kind of primary and internal medical care today!
Medicwell Mental Health Care
People-centered mental healthcare is the embodiment of the rights of mental health patients. Medicwell’s teletherapists provide on-demand teletherapy services when and where you need the services. Book a therapist now!
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Pandemics Project Inc.
237 Kearny Street, #9038
San Francisco, CA 94108 United States
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Medicwell is a free online telehealth service for coronavirus care, general medical care, and mental health care. Get an appointment today with a medical doctor or a licensed marriage and family therapist.

237 Kearny Street, #9038
San Francisco, CA 94108 United States
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