Covid19 Vaccine
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Unvaccinated people may get reinfected with Covid-19 every 16 months

Reading Time: 3 minutes How long after you’ve been infected by SARS-CoV-2 can you expect to possess immunity against the virus before you become vulnerable to reinfection?

How to beat seasonal allergies
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7 Natural Ways To Beat Seasonal Allergies

Reading Time: 2 minutes Springtime is the worst time for those who suffer from seasonal allergy symptoms like itchy watery eyes, headaches, nasal congestion, and postnasal drip. How can you beat seasonal allergies?

Type 2 diabetes
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11 Early Warning Signs and Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes

Reading Time: 4 minutes Some of the most common early warning signs of type 2 diabetes are frequent urination, fatigue, extreme thirst, and persistent hunger.

How To Help During A Panic Attack
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How To Help Someone During A Panic Attack

Reading Time: 3 minutes Panic disorders are repeated episodes of intense fear called panic attacks. Panic attacks can happen at any time, even while sleeping.

5 Stages Of Grief In Order
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What Are 5 Stages Of Grief In Order?

Reading Time: 3 minutes In one form or another, we have all experienced grief; loss of a loved one, a job, a relationship, or physical items, grief is a heavy and complex series of emotions. We discuss the 5 stages of Grief in order.

Causes Of Chronic Cough In Adults
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7 Causes of Chronic Cough in Adults

Reading Time: 3 minutes Chronic cough is a cough that persists over time. A chronic cough is not a disease in itself, but rather it is a symptom of an underlying condition. There are some common causes and risk factors attributed to chronic cough. Smoking, Asthma, GERD, Sinus problems, Lung Infections, and certain medications.

Foods To Boost Your Immune System
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Top 10 Foods to Boost Your Immune System and Reduce Inflammation

Reading Time: 3 minutes Immune-boosting foods have extra tools to keep your immune system healthy toward free radicals. Free radicals cause damage to your cells and make you more prone to germs, viruses, and diseases. Immune-boosting foods having extra vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals to protect your body.

Best and worst states in 2021
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Health care rankings: Best and worst states in 2021

Reading Time: 3 minutes Which are the best and worst states in health care in 2021? Does Medicaid improve access to care? What about the cost of accessing health care?

Will You Need A Covid-19 Booster
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How do Antibodies Work?

Reading Time: 3 minutes The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred great interest in antibodies and how antibodies work. Antibodies help us to fight off viruses and bacteria, and antibody-based medicines can be useful in treating infections and other diseases.

Covid-19 booster shot
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Will You Need a COVID-19 Booster? What You Need To Know

Reading Time: 2 minutes Will You Need a COVID-19 Booster Shot?