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How it works: Telehealth

Whether you are seeking services for general medical care, mental health services, coronavirus care, or just need advice from a doctor, telehealth is a great option to access healthcare.
Step 1
Authenticate yourself
In order to start using the Telehealth service, as a Medicwell user you must go through a simple process ofuser authentication.We've made a comprehensiveHow it works: Authenticationguide for you. Read it here:
Step 2
Fill in Medical History Form
Once authentication process is complete you canfill in your medical history form. This step is required for the doctors to provide you with a professional service. ReadHow it works: Medical formhere:
Step 3
Book Telemedicine!
Congratulations! Once done with the authentication and the medical form you can start booking Telemedicine service.
You can book a Telemedicine service in multiple ways:
Way 1:Click «Book a service» button on the top right of your screen. And choose Telemedicine.
Way 2:Navigate to the «Telemedicine page» from the main menu and click «Book consultation» button on the right.
Way 3:Navigate to the «Dashboard» from the main menu, find «My bookings» section and near the Telemedicine line click «Book consultation» button.
Telemedicine booking process
Once you’ve clicked «Book consultation» you will be directed to theTelemedicine availability calendar. From here you can either choose to book the nearest open slot date or navigate through the calendar and pick a suitable date for your consultation.
Confirm the booking by filling up a simple form so that your doctor stays up to date with your current state. And you’re booked!
Attend a Telemedicine consultation
1. To attend a Telemedicine consultation go to the «Dashboard».
2. Navigate to «My Bookings» section.
3. Click on «Enter consultation room» near the Telemedicine date.
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Medicwell is a free online telehealth service for coronavirus care, general medical care, and mental health care. Get an appointment today with a medical doctor or a licensed marriage and family therapist.

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